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If you are looking for a cleaning service company which provides reliable, affordable and seamless service then you have arrived at the right place.
DailyClean mainly provides commercial and construction cleaning services.

Most of our cleaners are online inducted; onsite trained and have the CWA safety culture at the forefront of their mind when working on site.  In line with safety, we focus mainly on community and sustainability. We choose products with a less environmental impact and provide cleaning services that suit our client’s need.

Why Choose Us

Best Cleaning Services Company in The Region

DailyClean is a one-stop cleaning agency that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and your house fresh and sparkling at times. Our service is reasonable.

Office Cleaning Services
One of the most basic yet effective ways to guarantee happy clients and happy co-workers is to undertake thorough and regular office cleaning service. A clean office space leads to higher productivity.
School Cleaning
Cleaning services tailored to your needs. Additional, complementary services available. At this juncture, you should avail our regular School cleaning service at once.
Gym Cleaning
Bacteria can inhabit anywhere if not maintained properly such as changing rooms, or air vents. Hence, making sure that the gym is clean and usable is a proper job that has to be done the right way. Here at Daily Clean, we specialises in professional Gym cleaning services.
Window Cleaning
Over the years, it is considered by the homemakers across the globe that window cleaning is one of the most exhausting jobs they have to perform while keeping their home spotless. At this juncture, one should avail professional cleaning services.
Commercial Cleaning
We offer comprehensive cleaning services for a wide range of commercial properties, including retail, offices, restaurants, fitness facilities, medical centers and much more commercial cleaning services. Through cleaning, preventive maintenance and minor repairs, we will ensure that your property, and by effect, your business, remains in proper shape for employees and customers alike.
Construction Cleaning
A final deep cleaning is essential for the health and safety of those who live or conduct business in the new home or facility. If left unchecked, construction dust often becomes airborne and can have many negative effects on the respiratory and immune system. Contractors and Homeowners rely on DAILY CLEAN Services to remove dirt, dust and debris that construction companies leave behind. When we are through, your new buildings or residence will be ready for occupants.
Retirement Village cleaning
Retirement village is a fun place for those who are enjoying the golden days of their life. But a retirement village also needs to be clean and tidy to be a suitable place for its residents. Our cleaning services not only ensures that the place is clean but also checks that it is safe for the elderly residents.
Hotel Cleaning
Hotels are seen as a home away from home and hiring a cleaning service is essential in developing repeat clientele. Cleanliness, safety, and security are the most important details hoteliers must emphasis on. With the emerging bedbug epidemic, hotels need be cleaner than regular homes; thus hiring a cleaning service can help obtain that.
Church Cleaning
Our professional funeral home and church cleaning services ensure a worry-free way for you to maintain a clean and welcoming atmosphere. Our team has the resources and expertise to complete the job right each and every time we have the pleasure of working with you. Whether you require one time, daily, weekly, or even monthly cleaning, our services are always designed around your specific needs.

Testimony Customers

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DailyClean is a one-stop cleaning agency that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and your house fresh and sparkling at times. Our service is reasonable.

I want you to know that your cleaners from dailyClean did an amazing job cleaning my office today.
Jonathon Smith
Floor Manager
I am extremely glad to DailyClean as they clean my Office beautifully every time.
Martha Cooper
Lead Manager